Rodolfo Acosta in 'Passion' (1954)
Rodolfo Acosta (1920 - 1974)
a.k.a. Rudolph Acosta, a.k.a. Rudy Acosta
Hondo (1953) [Silva]: Stabbed to death by John Wayne at the end of a knife-fight. (Thanks to Gordon and Brian)

Wings of the Hawk (1953) [Arturo Torres]: Shot by George Dolenz' troops; he dies after riding back to the rebels and warning them. (Thanks to Gordon)

Passion (1954) [Salvator Sandro]: Dies of exposure after trying to escape from Cornel Wilde through the freezing weather; he dies shortly afterwards in a cabin, after confessing his crimes.

Trooper Hook (1957) [Nanchez]: Shot to death by John Dehner. (Thanks to Gordon)

Posse from Hell (1961) [Johnny Caddo]: Shot to death by Charles Horvath and Vic Morrow. (Thanks to Brian)

How the West Was Won (1962) [Pablo]: Shot to death, along with Jack Lambert and Harry Dean Stanton, by Lee J. Cobb, George Peppard, and Mickey Shaughnessy, after Rodolfo, Jack, and Harry try to rob the train. (Thanks to Brian)

Rio Conchos (1964) [Bloodshirt]: Killed in an explosion (along with Richard Boone and Jim Brown) when a munitions wagon catches fire and blows up while Richard is strangling Rodolfo. (Thanks to Gordon)
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