Robert Wagner (1930 - )
Natalie Wood (divorced, remarried, widowed)
Ex-Mr. Marion Marshall
Mr. Jill St. John
Father of Katie Wagner
Stepfather of
Natasha Gregson Wagner
A Kiss Before Dying (1956) [Bud Corliss]: Hit by a truck and knocked down a quarry when the driver swerves to avoid Virginia Leith. (Thanks to Mac)

The Mountain (1956) [Christopher 'Chris' Teller]: Falls to his death when he tries to cross an ice bridge, after Spencer Tracy had tried to warn him that it wouldn't hold his weight; we hear Robert's scream over a shot of Spencer looking on helplessly. (Thanks to Tony)

Harper (The Moving Target) (1966) [Allan Taggert]: Shot in the back by Arthur Hill just as Robert is about to shoot Paul Newman.

The Towering Inferno (1974) [Dan Bigelow]: Burned to death in his office. (Thanks to Michael and JWR)

Mystery Woman (2003) [Jack Stenning]: Hanged (off-screen) in his study; his body is shown afterwards. (I don't know the killer's identity.)
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Robert Wagner in 'Harper'
Robert Wagner dead in 'Harper'