Robert Vaughn in 'The Magnificent Seven'
Robert Vaughn (1932 - )
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Dry Run (1959) [Art]: Shot to death by Walter Matthau.

Good Day for a Hanging (1959) [Eddie 'The Kid' Campbell]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Fred MacMurray.

The Magnificent Seven (1960) [Lee]: Shot in the chest as he walks out of a farmhouse during the final battle with the bandits.

Thriller: The Ordeal of Dr. Cordell (1961) [Dr. Frank Cordell]: Falls to his death from a bell tower at the end of a struggle with Kathleen Crowley.

The Man from UNCLE: The Double Affair (1964) [Napoleon Solo/The Impostor]: Playing a dual role as both "Napoleon Solo" and a THRUSH spy, the double is shot to death by Senta Berger while the real one and the double are fighting each other. (Thanks to Garrett)

The Spy with My Face (1965) [Napoleon Solo/The Impostor]: See above. (This was a feature film edited from the TV episode The Double Affair.) (Thanks to Garrett)

The Bridge at Remagen (1969) [Major Paul Kreuger]: Executed by a firing squad. (Thanks to Garrett)

The Woman Hunter (1972) [Jerry Hunter]: Hit with a rock and knocked off of a cliff by Stuart Whitman as Robert is trying to kill Barbara Eden.

The Towering Inferno (1974) [Senator Gary Parker]: Falls to his death from the skyscraper while trying to prevent the rescue chairlift from overloading. (Thanks to Garrett)

Columbo: Last Salute to the Commodore (1976) [Charles 'Charlie' Clay]: Killed (off-screen) by Fred Draper; his body is shown afterwards as the police investigate. (Thanks to Lorenzo)

Brass Target (1979) [Colonel Donald Rogers]: Shot to death. (Thanks to Garrett)

Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) [Gelt]: Killed in an explosion when his ship is shot down by John Saxon. (Thanks to Garrett)

Kill Castro (Cuba Crossing; Sweet Dirty Tony) (1980) [Hud]: Shot in the chest by Carl Williams in the woods, after Robert shoots Bert Williams.

Superman III (1983) [Ross Webster]: Absorbed into a giant computer which then explodes. (Thanks to Garrett)

Zombie 5: Killing Birds (Killing Birds: uccelli assassini; Dark Eyes of the Zombie; Raptors) (1987) [Dr. Fred Brown]: Pecked to death/torn apart (off-screen) by a flock of birds; we only hear him screaming. (Thanks to Andrea)

The Ray Bradbury Theatre: The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl (1988) [Huxley]: Strangled by Michael Ironside in Robert's home. The episode begins immediately after his murder; his body is shown throughout the episode, and the murder is eventually shown in flashback.

C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud (1989) [Colonel Masters]: Bitten to death by a group of zombies; he is shown as a zombie at the end of the movie. (Thanks to Robert)

River of Death (1989) [Wolfgang Manteuffel]: Burned to death, along with Donald Pleasence, in a fire that breaks out when Cynthia Erland's gun goes off and hits some equipment. (Thanks to Johan)

Buried Alive (Edgar Allan Poe's Buried Alive) (1990) [Dr. Gary]: Buried alive when John Carradine pulls him beneath the ground. (Thanks to Robert)

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