Robert Ryan (with Laraine Day) in 'The Woman on Pier 13'
Robert Ryan (1909 - 1973)
Tender Comrade (1943) [Chris Jones]: Killed in combat (off-screen); we learn of his death when Ginger Rogers receives a telegram informing her.

Crossfire (1947) [Montgomery]: Shot to death by Robert Young while trying to escape.

The Woman on Pier 13 (I Married a Communist) (1949) [Brad Collins a.k.a. Frank Johnson]: Shot in the stomach in a shoot-out with Thomas Gomez in a warehouse; he dies in Laraine Day's arms shortly afterwards.

The Racket (1951) [Nick Scanlon]: Shot to death by William Conrad when Robert tries to escape.

The Naked Spur (1953) [Ben Vandergroat]: Shot to death by Ralph Meeker just as Robert is about to kill James Stewart; his body then falls over the cliff and into the river. James later retrieves Robert's body and brings it back into town. (Thanks to Stephen)

About Mrs. Leslie (1954) [George Leslie Hendersoll]: Killed in combat (off-screen); we learn of his death when Shirley Booth reads the news.

Bad Day at Black Rock (1955) [Reno Smith]: Burned to death when Spencer Tracy throws a Molotov cocktail at him.

Odds Against Tomorrow (1959) [Earle Slater]: Killed in an explosion, along with Harry Belafonte, in a shoot-out at an oil refinery. Their bodies are shown afterwards (covered by sheets) lying on the ground as the police clear up the scene.

King of Kings (1961) [John the Baptist]: Decapitated (presumably off-screen) by Gregoire Aslan's soldiers, acting on Brigid Bazlen's request.

Billy Budd (1962) [John Claggart, Master-at-Arms]: Killed with a single blow to the face by Terence Stamp.

Hour of the Gun (1967) [Ike Clanton]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with James Garner. (Thanks to Stephen)

The Outfit (1973) [Mailer]: Shot to death by Joe Don Baker and Robert Duvall. (Thanks to Tony)
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