Robert Quarry (1925 - 2009)
A Kiss Before Dying (1956) [Dwight Powell]: Shot in the head (off-camera) by Robert Wagner; we hear the shot from the other room where Virginia Leith is waiting. His body is not shown afterwards. (Thanks to Mac)

Count Yorga, Vampire (The Loves of Count Iorga, Vampire) (1970) [Count Yorga]: Stabbed in the chest with a wooden stake by Michael Macready. (He was brought back to life in the 1971 sequel The Return of Count Yorga.)

The Return of Count Yorga (The Abominable Count Yorga; Curse of Count Yorga) (1971) [Count Yorga]: Hit with a hatchet by Mariette Hartley, then pushed off of the tower by Roger Perry.

Deathmaster (1972) [Khorda]: Impaled through the chest on a wooden stake when he falls on it after being blinded in a struggle with Bill Ewing.

Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972) [Darius Biederbeck]: Rapidly ages to death as his elixir of youth wears off, as he watches Vincent Price boat away on the River of Life. (Thanks to Anton)

Alienator (1989) [Doc Burnside]: Burned to death after Teagan Clive fires a ray-gun at him by the side of the road.
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Robert Quarry in 'Dr. Phibes Rises Again'