Robert Powell (1944 - )
Jude the Obscure (1972) [Jude Fawley]: Dies of an illness (I can't recall whether the exact cause was specified). (I haven't seen this version, but I remember the story.)

Tommy (1975) [Captain Walker]: Hit on the head with a lamp by Oliver Reed, after Robert walks in on Oliver and Ann-Margret.

Jesus of Nazareth (1977) [Jesus Christ]: Executed by crucifixion. He is resurrected three days later.

Dark Forces (Harlequin; The Minister's Magician) (1980) [Gregory Wolfe]: Shot in the back by Broderick Crawford's men outside the house, after Robert reaches through the window to grab Broderick. They then dump his body into the lake; his body is shown again later on when it resurfaces.
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Robert Powell in 'Dark Forces'