Robert Pastorelli in 'Striking Distance'
Robert Pastorelli (1954 - 2004)
Striking Distance (1993) [Detective Jimmy Detillo]: Electrocuted when Bruce Willis sticks a stun-gun in Robert's mouth during a struggle in the water, on top of Robert having been shot and almost drowned during the long fight.

Modern Vampires (Revenant) (1998) [The Count]: Burned to death when the vampire hunters douse him with gasoline and set him on fire; we only see Casper Van Dien handing the gasoline can to Gabriel Casseus, followed by a shot of a burning figure (an obvious stunt double) running out of the building.

Bait (2000) [Jaster]: Dies of a heart attack in a prison holding cell, after telling Jamie Foxx where to find a fortune in stolen gold. (Thanks to Michael)

Be Cool (2005) [Joe Loop]: Beaten to death with a baseball bat by Vince Vaughn. (Thanks to Michael)
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