Roberto Benigni in 'Johnny Stecchino'
Roberto Benigni's killers in 'Johnny Stecchino'
Roberto Benigni (1952 - )
Mr. Nicoletta Braschi
Johnny Stecchino (1991) [Dante/Johnny Stecchino]: Playing a dual role, "Johnny Stecchino" is shot to death (off-screen) by rival gangsters in a gas station restroom (we only hear the shots from outside the restroom). ("Dante" survives the movie.)

Life Is Beautiful (La Vita e bella) (1997) [Guido Orefice]: Shot to death (off-screen) by a Nazi soldier after being forced into an alleyway; we only hear the shots and see the flash of light from outside the alley.

Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar (Asterix et Obelix contre Caesar) (1999) [Tullius Destructivus (English version)/Lucius Detritus (French version)]: Executed (off-screen) on Gottfried John's orders. (Thanks to Anton)
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