Robert Loggia in 'Psycho II'
Robert Loggia (1930 - )
The Lost Missile (1958) [Dr. David Loring]: Killed in an explosion when he sacrifices himself to destroy the missile. (Thanks to Stephen)

The Wild Wild West: The Night of Sudden Death (1965) [Warren Trevor]: Eaten by an alligator when he falls into the lake at the end of a fight with Robert Conrad.

An Officer and a Gentleman (1982) [Byron Mayo]: Dies (off-screen), presumably of natural causes, at some point between the scenes of Richard Gere's youth and the present-day scenes.

Psycho II (1983) [Dr. Bill Raymond]: Stabbed in the chest by Meg Tilly when he comes up behind her and startles her; he then falls over the staircase railing, driving the knife further in on the way down.

Scarface (1983) [Frank Lopez]: Shot to death by Steven Bauer, acting on Al Pacino's orders. (Thanks to Robert and Tal)

The Believers (1987) [Lieutenant Sean McTaggert]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the mouth after having a voodoo curse placed on him; the scene cuts away as Robert puts the gun in his mouth, and we hear the shot as Martin Sheen walks away. (Thanks to Stephen)

Oliver & Company (1988; animated) [Skyes]: Killed in a car crash/explosion when his limousine is hit by a subway train. (Thanks to ND)

Relentless (1989) [Detective Bill Malloy]: Shot repeatedly in the chest by Judd Nelson in Robert's kitchen.

Innocent Blood (A French Vampire in America) (1992) [Sallie 'The Shark' Macelli]: Bitten on the throat and drained of blood by Anne Parillaud. He later returns as a vampire, and later explodes after being set on fire in a car crash caused by Anthony LaPaglia. (Thanks to ND)

Lost Highway (1997) [Mr. Eddy/Dick Laurent]: Shot in the head by Robert Blake by the side of the road, after his throat is slit by Bill Pullman.

Wide Awake (1998) [Grandpa Beal]: Dies (off-screen) of a heart attack while talking to his grandson (Joseph Cross) some time before the story begins; Robert only appears in flashbacks. (Thanks to Tommy)

The Outer Limits: Final Appeal (2000) [Justice Earl Clayton]: Killed in an explosion (along with everyone else in the room) after Wallace Langham leaves a bomb in the courtroom. (Thanks to Neil)
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