Robert Beltran (1953 - )
Eating Raoul (1982) [Raoul]: Hit on the head with a frying pan (off-screen) by Mary Woronov after Robert goes into the kitchen while holding Paul Bartel at gunpoint. We only hear the impact from the other room; his body is not shown. (Thanks to Betty)

Murder, She Wrote: Time to Die (1994) [Frank Garcia]: Shot in the chest by Rudy Ramos; his body is shown afterwards when Marta DuBois, Billy Gallo, Angela Lansbury and Stan Shaw discover him. The murder is shown in a flashback later on when Angela explains what happened. (Thanks to Dignan)

Fire Serpent (2007) [Cooke]: Shot in the chest in a shoot-out with Nicholas Brendon.

Medium: Whatever Possessed You (2007) [Father Armando Alivar]: Bludgeoned to death by Steve Kazee, who then throws his body down the stairs to make it look as though Gina Philips pushed him down the stairs.

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Robert Beltran in 'Fire Serpent'