Rick Rossovich in 'Black Scorpion' (1995)
Rick Rossovich (1957 - )
The Terminator (1984) [Matt Buchanan]: Beaten to death by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Bess Motta's bedroom, while Bess is in the kitchen.

Warning Sign (1985) [Bob]: Dies of an experimental virus; he later comes back to life as a zombie and is beaten to death by Sam Waterston. (Thanks to Darren)

New Crime City (Angeles 2020) (1994) [Ricks]: Executed, then brought back to life to carry out a secret mission.

Black Scorpion (1995) [Walker]: Shot in the chest by John Sanderford (who was under Casey Siemaszko's mind-control) in a bar, while Rick's daughter (Joan Severance) looks on in horror.
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