Richard Jordan (1938 - 1993)
Grandson of Learned Hand
(noted judge)
Ex-Mr. Kathleen Widdoes
Logan's Run (1976) [Francis 7]: Beaten to death with a flagpole by Michael York at the end of a fight; he dies in Michael's arms shortly afterwards.

Dune (1984) [Duncan Idaho]: Shot in the head with a slow-moving missile that penetrates his energy shield.

The Mean Season (1985) [Alan Delour]: Shot in the head with his own gun by Kurt Russell. (Thanks to ND)

Gettysburg (1993) [Brigadier General Lewis A. Armistead]: Shot in the chest during the battle; he dies off-screen some time afterwards. (Thanks to Geoff)

Posse (1993) [Sheriff Bates]: Shot in the chest with a golden bullet by Mario Van Peebles.
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Richard Jordan in 'Logan's Run'