Richard Haydn in 'And Then There Were None'
Richard Hadyn dead (foreground) in 'And Then There Were None'
Richard Haydn (1905 - 1985)
Who Killed Who? (1943; animated) [The Victim]: Providing the voice of a cartoon dog, he is shot in the chest by a mysterious figure (who is eventually unmasked to reveal the live-action Robert Emmett O'Connor). His body is immediately covered up by a spontaneously-appearing sheet, and is shown again afterwards as the detective (voiced by Billy Bletcher) investigates; he briefly comes back to life to mug for the camera when the crime scene is photographed. (All played for comic effect, obviously.)

And Then There Were None (1945) [Thomas Rogers, the Butler]: Hacked to death with an axe (off-screen) by Barry Fitzgerald; his body (just his feet, actually) is shown afterwards when Louis Hayward, Walter Huston, and Roland Young discover him outside the woodshed.

The Twilight Zone: A Thing About Machines (1960) [Bartlett Finchley]: Drowned after his car (operating on its own volition) chases him into his swimming pool.
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