Richard Gere in 'Internal Affairs'
Richard Gere (1949 - )
Ex-Mr. Cindy Crawford
Mr. Carey Lowell
Kojak: Birthday Party (1976) [Geno Papas]: Shot to death by Telly Savalas. (Thanks to Robert)

Days of Heaven (1978) [Bill]: Shot in the back by police as he tries to run away. (Thanks to Mac and Nilescu)

Breathless (1983) [Jesse Lujack]: Presumably shot to death in a shoot-out with police; the movie ends with him pulling his gun as the police surround him. (Thanks to Robert, Peter, Bill, and Alan)

Internal Affairs (1990) [Officer Dennis Peck]: Shot in the chest by Andy Garcia when Richard attacks Andy in Andy's apartment. (Thanks to Robert and George)

And the Band Played On (1993) [The Choreographer]: Dies (off-screen) of AIDS-related complications. (Thanks to Robert)

Sommersby (1993) [John Robert 'Jack' Sommersby]: Executed by hanging. (See also Gerard Depardieu in the 1982 version The Return of Martin Guerre.) (Thanks to Robert)

Intersection (1994) [Vincent Eastman]: Killed in a car accident; the movie shows his life in flashback as it flashes before his eyes. (See also Michel Piccoli in the 1970 version The Things of Life.) (Thanks to Peter and Alan)

Nights in Rodanthe (2008) [Dr. Paul Flanner]: Drowned or crushed to death in a mudslide after he returns to the clinic to retrieve the medicine; shown in a flashback when his son (James Franco) informs Diane Lane.

Hachi: A Dog's Tale (Hachiko: A Dog's Story) (2009) [Professor Parker Wilson]: Dies of a heart attack in his classroom.
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