Richard Basehart in 'La Strada'
Richard Basehart (1914 - 1984)
Valentina Cortese
Father of
Jackie Basehart
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He Walked by Night (The L.A. Investigator) (1948) [Roy Morgan a.k.a. Roy Martin]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with police in the sewers. (Thanks to Mac)

Reign of Terror (The Black Book) (1949) [Maximilian Robespierre]: Executed by the guillotine. (Thanks to Gordon)

The House on Telegraph Hill (1951) [Alan Spender]: Poisoned with an overdose of sedatives when he drinks the spiked orange juice he'd intended for Valentina Cortese (after she switches glasses on him). (Thanks to Brian)

Titanic (1953) [George Headley]: Killed in an explosion when the ship's boilers explode just after he goes in to fix them. (Thanks to Matthew)

The Good Die Young (1954) [Joe Halsey]: Shot in the back by the mortally-wounded Laurence Harvey; he dies shortly after walking to meet Joan Collins and collapsing in her arms. (Thanks to Brian)

La Strada (1954) [The Fool (Il Matto)]: Hits his head against the car during a fight with Anthony Quinn; he dies shortly after staggering away and collapsing, as Giulietta Masina kneels by his side.

5 Branded Women (1960) [Captain Reinhardt]: Shot to death by Jeanne Moreau as he tries to escape. (Thanks to Gordon)

Portrait in Black (1960) [Howard Mason]: Shot to death by Anthony Quinn just as Richard is about to kill Lana Turner with a poker. (Thanks to Gordon)

Hitler (Women of Nazi Germany) (1962) [Adolf Hitler]: Commits suicide by shooting himself, in a suicide pact with Maria Emo in the bunker.

Kings of the Sun (1963) [Ah Min]: Commits suicide by stabbing himself in the chest, to appease the gods after George Chakiris refuses to sacrifice Yul Brynner. (Thanks to Gordon)

The Satan Bug (1965) [Dr. Gregor Hoffman]: Falls to his death from a helicopter at the end of a struggle with George Maharis.

The Andersonville Trial (1970) [Captain Henry Wirz]: Executed by hanging. (Thanks to Gordon)

The Death of Me Yet (1971) [Robert Barnes]: Shot to death by the mortally-wounded Meg Foster after he shoots her. (Thanks to Robert)

Chato's Land (1972) [Nye Buell]: Killed by Charles Bronson. (Thanks to Gordon)