Ricardo Cortez (left) and Barton MacLane (right) in 'The Walking Dead'
Ricardo & Barton's deaths in 'The Walking Dead'
Ricardo Cortez (1899 - 1977)
Mr. Alma Rubens
Brother of Stanley Cortez
Transgression (1931) [Don Arturo de Borgus]: Shot to death by Alphonse Ethier. (Thanks to Tracey)

The House on 56th Street (1933) [Bill Blaine]: Shot to death by Margaret Lindsay. (Thanks to Tracey)

Midnight Mary (1933) [Leo Darcy]: Shot to death by Loretta Young. (Thanks to Tracey)

The Big Shakedown (1934) [Dutch Barnes]: Falls into a vat of acid after being shot by Charles Farrell. (Thanks to Tracey)

Mandalay (1934) [Tony Evans]: Poisoned by Kay Francis. (Thanks to Tracey)

Wonder Bar (1934) [Harry the Gigolo]: Stabbed to death by Dolores Del Rio. (Thanks to Tracey)

The Walking Dead (1936) [Mr. Nolan]: Killed in a car crash, along with Barton MacLane, as they try to make their getaway after shooting Boris Karloff.

West of Shanghai (War Lord) (1937) [Gordon Creed]: Shot in the back by Boris Karloff while Ricardo is holding a gun on Beverly Roberts and Gordon Oliver. We only see a close-up of Boris' gun firing; Ricardo's body is not shown afterwards.
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