Rene Auberjonois in 'Walker'
Rene Auberjonois (1940 - )
Eyes of Laura Mars (1978) [Donald Phelps]: Stabbed in the eye with an icepick by Tommy Lee Jones. (Thanks to Mac)

Hart to Hart: Max in Love (1979) [Donald Springfield]: Possibly killed in a car crash after Robert Wagner shoots out Rene's windshield and causes him to flip his car. (It's not definitely established whether or not the crash was fatal, but I'll list it just in case.) (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Walker (1987) [Major Sigfried Hennington]: Bleeds to death after his arm is shot off by American soldiers, while the Americans are being evacuated from Nicaragua.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) [Colonel West]: Shot by James Doohan and knocked out of a window when Rene attempts to shoot Kurtwood Smith and Kim Cattrall while disguised as a Klingon; his identity is revealed when Michael Dorn removes his mask. (Thanks to Neil)

The Ballad of Little Jo (1993) [Streight Hollander, Peddler Killed by Soldiers]: I haven't seen this movie, but the IMDB's identification of his character gives away his fate.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Crossover (1994) [Odo]: Playing both the "real" Odo and his mirror-universe counterpart, the mirror-universe version is shot to death by Alexander Siddig. (Thanks to Neil)

Edgar Allan Poe: Terror of the Soul (1995) [Fortunato]: Suffocated after John Heard seals him up inside an alcove, in the "Cask of Amontillado" segment.

The Outer Limits: Promised Land (1998) [Dlavan]: Shot in the chest by Caroline Goodall during the final battle between the aliens and the humans. (Rene was wearing heavy alien make-up for this role.) (Thanks to Stephen)

Inspector Gadget (1999) [Professor Artemus Bradford]: Shot by Rupert Everett's remote-controlled miniature laser-tank in Rene's laboratory. We only see the laser firing; his body is shown afterwards when Matthew Broderick discovers Joely Fisher kneeling over him. (Thanks to Kyle)

The Patriot (2000) [Reverend Oliver]: Shot to death by a British soldier when Rene attacks their encampment. (Thanks to Stephen)

Saving Grace: Have a Seat, Earl (2008) [Father Patrick Murphy]: Killed (off-screen) by Dean Norris. (There is also an earlier dream sequence in which he is shot in the head by Holly Hunter.) (Thanks to PortsGuy)
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