Reg E. Cathey in 'Penn & Teller Get Killed'
Reg E. Cathey (1958 - )
Penn & Teller Get Killed (1989) [Fan's Friend]: Commits suicide (off-camera) by shooting himself in the head, after David Patrick Kelly does the same; we hear the gunshot over an exterior shot of the building.

Hamlet (1990) [Guildenstern]: Presumably executed (off-screen), along with Phillip Goodwin, after Kevin Kline replaces the order for his own execution with a forged message. (I haven't seen this version myself, but I'm familiar with the story.)

The Mask (1994) [Freeze]: Shot during an off-screen shoot-out with police; he dies shortly after being brought to Peter Greene's hideout. (Thanks to Neil and Tal)

American Psycho (2000) [Homeless Man]: Stabbed to death by Christian Bale in an alley; it's implied (though not confirmed) that all of the murders occurred only in Christian's mind and not in reality.
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