Ray McKinnon in 'The Stand'
Ray McKinnon (1961 - )
Lisa Blount (widowed)
Night of the Hunter (1991) [Ben]: Presumably executed. (I haven't seen this version, but I remember Peter Graves' death from the 1955 version.)

The Stand (1994) [Charlie Campion]: Dies of the plague after fleeing from the military facility with his wife (Hope Marie Carlton) and child; he dies in Gary Sinise's arms after crashing his car at a gas station.

The Net (1995) [Dale Hessman]: Killed in a plane crash. (Thanks to Gary and Susan)

The X-Files: Improbably (2002) [Mad Wayne]: Shot to death by Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick. (Thanks to Gary)

The Missing (2003) [Russell J. Wittick]: Poisoned. (Thanks to Gary)

Deadwood: Sold Under Sin (2004) [Reverend H.W. Smith]: Smothered by Ian McShane as a mercy killing. (Thanks to Stephen)
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