Randy Quaid in '5ive Days to Midnight'
Randy Quaid (1950 - )
Brother of
Dennis Quaid
Mr. Evi Quaid
The Missouri Breaks (1976) [Little Tod]: Drowned in a river after Marlon Brando lets go of the line. (Thanks to Patrick and Iron Major)

Of Mice and Men (1981) [Lenny Small]: Shot in the back of the head by Robert Blake.

Parents (1989) [Nick Laemle]: Crushed to death when a wine-rack falls on him in the cellar, after being stabbed in the shoulder by Bryan Madorsky and in the back by Mary Beth Hurt (just before the house explodes). (Thanks to Kyle and Scott)

Freaked (Hideous Mutant Freekz) (1993) [Elija C. Skuggs]: Machine-gunned by Alex Winter on a talk-show set, after Randy has transformed into Brooke Shields. (After Brooke's true identity is revealed, she speaks with Randy's voice dubbed in. Due to the dual-cast nature of the role, I'm listing it under both performers.) (Thanks to Rodzilla)

Independence Day (1996) [Russell Casse]: Killed in an explosion when he deliberately crashes his plane into an alien spaceship. (Thanks to Tal)

Woman Undone (1996) [Allan Hansen]: Shot in the head by Mary McDonnell while Randy is trapped inside a burning station wagon. (Thanks to Drew)

Hard Rain (1998) [Sheriff]: Shot to death by Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater just as Randy is about to shoot Minnie Driver. (Thanks to Manny, Stephen, Wayne,  Brad, and Kevin)

Black Cadillac (2003) [Charlie]: Drowned when his car crashes into a frozen river. (Thanks to Vinicius)

5ive Days to Midnight (2004) [Detective Irwin Sikorski]: Shot in the chest by Timothy Hutton just as Randy is about to shoot Timothy.

The Ice Harvest (2005) [Bill Guerrard]: Shot in the back of the head by John Cusack just as Randy is about to shoot Connie Nielsen. (Thanks to Eric)
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