Quentin Tarantino in 'Reservoir Dogs'
Quentin Tarantino (1963 - )
Reservoir Dogs (1992) [Mr. Brown]: Shot in the head (off-screen) by police during a jewelry-store robbery; he dies some times later while trying to drive the getaway car. (Thanks to Tal)

Desperado (1995) [Pick-Up Guy]: Shot in the head by a thug in the back room of the bar, after a shoot-out starts inside the bar.

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) [Richard Gecko]: Bitten on the throat and drained of blood by Salma Hayek in the bar; he comes back to life as a vampire shortly afterwards, and dies once again when his brother (George Clooney) stabs him in the chest with a wooden pool cue. (Thanks to Joe)

Little Nicky (2000) [Deacon]: Burned to death when he accidentally runs into a fire while panicking over Hell coming to Earth. (Played for comic effect.) (Thanks to Tommy)

Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2004) [Crazy 88 Member]: Presumably killed (off-screen) by Uma Thurman during a big battle; while it's difficult to spot Quentin specifically during the melee, there are so few survivors that his death is a strong possibility. (Thanks to Tommy)

Grindhouse (2007) [The Rapist/Warren]: In the Planet Terror segment, "Rapist" is shot with a grenade launcher by Rose McGowan, on top of having been stabbed in one eye with Rose's wooden leg and stabbed in the other eye with a hypodermic needle by Marley Shelton (not to mention his body beginning to melt due to his mutation). (In the Death Proof segment, "Warren" survives.) (Thanks to Hunter, ND, and Andrew)

Inglourious Basterds (2009) [Scalped Nazi/Voice of American Soldier]: Playing a dual role, "Scalped Nazi" is killed (off-screen) in a battle with Brad Pitt's squad; his body is shown afterwards as Samm Levine scalps him. (In the film-within-the-film sequence "Nation's Pride," Quentin provides the off-screen voice of an American soldier; although he's not shown on-screen, presumably he was shot to death by Daniel Bruhl.) (Thanks to Tommy)

Django Unchained (2012) [The LeQuint Dickey Mining Co. Employee]: Killed in an explosion when Jamie Foxx shoots Quentin's dynamite-filled saddlebag. (Thanks to Tommy, Matthew, Arben, Jack, Tim, and ND)

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