Powers Boothe (1949 - )
Father of Parisse Boothe
Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (The Mad Messiah) (1980) [Rev. Jim Jones]: Either commits suicide by shooting himself or is shot by his own men (the exact circumstances have been disputed) during the cult's mass suicide. (I haven't seen this movie myself, but I'm familiar with the historical events.) (Thanks to Robert)

Red Dawn (1984) [Colonel Andy Tanner]: Shot to death by Soviet and Cuban soldiers while on top of a tank. (Thanks to Robert)

Extreme Prejudice (1987) [Cash Bailey]: Shot to death by Nick Nolte. (Thanks to Robert)

Tombstone (1993) [Curly Bill Brocious]: Shot in the chest in a gunfight with Kurt Russell. (Thanks to Ernesto)

Sudden Death (1995) [Joshua Foss]: Killed in an explosion when his helicopter crashes into the empty stadium, after Jean-Claude Van Damme shoots the pilot. (Thanks to Robert)

True Women (1997) [Bartlett McClure]: Accidentally hits his head on a rock (off-screen) when his horse throws him; his body is shown afterwards when Dana Delany and Annabeth Gish discover him.

U Turn (1997) [Sheriff Virgil Potter]: Shot in the head by Jennifer Lopez by the side of the road at night; his body is shown again when Jennifer and Sean Penn throw him over a cliff the next morning.

A Crime of Passion (1999) [Dr. Ben Pierce]: Killed by Kelly Rowan. (Thanks to Michael)

Attila (Attila the Hun) (2001) [Flavius Aetius]: Stabbed to death. (Thanks to Lorin)

Frailty (2001) [Agent Wesley Doyle]: Hacked to death with an axe by Matthew McConaughey in a public garden/park.
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Powers Boothe in 'True Women'