Philippe Leroy in 'The Black Hand'
Philippe Leroy (1930 - )
The Attic (L'Attico; The Penthouse) (1962) [Tommaso]: Killed in a car crash. (Thanks to Andrea)

The Possessed (La Donna del lago; The Lady of the Lake) (1965) [Mario]: Throat slit (off-screen) with a razor by Valentina Cortese. His body is shown afterwards (along with Salvo Randone's) when Peter Baldwin discovers them. (Thanks to Andrea)

The Frightened Woman (Femina ridens; The Laughing Woman) (1969) [Dr. Sayer]: I vaguely recall that he died in this, though I can't remember the details.

Caliber 9 (Milano calibro 9) (1972) [Chino]: Shot (off-screen) during a big shoot-out with Lionel Stander's officers; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Gastone Moschin. (Thanks to Andrea)

The Black Hand (La Mano nera: prima della mafia, piu della mafia) (1973) [The Professor]: Poisoned when gangsters slip something into his coffee before it's brought to his jail cell.

Mannaja (A Man Called Blade) (1977) [McGowan]: Shot in the back of the head by John Steiner. (Thanks to Andrea)
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