Peter Outerbridge (behind Jeremy Sisto) in 'Population 436'
Peter Outerbridge (1966 - )
Mr. Tammy Isbell
The Outer Limits: The New Breed (1995) [Dr. Andy Groenig]: Electrocuted (at his own request) by Richard Thomas, as a mercy killing after Peter is mutated by the nanobots he had injected into himself. (Thanks to Stephen)

24: Day 2: 3:00 AM - 4:00 AM (2003) [Ronnie Stark]: Shot to death by Brian Goodman on Tobin Bell's orders. (Thanks to Neil)

Population 436 (2006) [Deputy Christian Hecker]: Shot in the head by Fred Durst just as Peter is about to shoot Jeremy Sisto.

Saw VI (2009) [William Easton]: Injected with multiple syringes full of hydrofluoric acid, when Devon Bostick activates the deathtrap that Costas Mandylor had set up. (Thanks to Binky)
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