Peter Coyote in 'Femme Fatale' (2002)
Peter Coyote (1941 - )
Southern Comfort (1981) [Staff Sgt. Crawford Poole]: Shot in the head by poachers. (Thanks to Nilescu)

Outrageous Fortune (1987) [Michael Sanders]: Falls to his death when he loses his grip and falls from the mesa after a struggle with Shelley Long. (Thanks to Belle and ND)

Bitter Moon (1992) [Oscar]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the mouth, after shooting Emmanuelle Seigner.

Kika (1993) [Nicholas]: Shot in the stomach by Victoria Abril (whom he then shoots in turn); he dies shortly afterwards in Veronica Forque's arms.

Top of the World (1997) [Doc 'The Butcher']: Shot to death by Peter Weller during a shoot-out on a roller-coaster. (Thanks to ND)

Two for Texas (1998) [Jim Bowie]: Killed (off-screen) by Mexican forces during the attack on the Alamo; his body is shown afterwards when Scott Bairstow and Kris Kristofferson arrive after the battle.

Execution of Justice (1999) [Harvey Milk]: Shot to death by Tim Daly.

Femme Fatale (2002) [Watts]: Shot in the chest by Rebecca Romijn on a bridge, after Antonio Banderas reveals to Peter that Rebecca had faked her own kidnapping. (This turns out to be Rebecca's premonition of the future, which Rebecca prevents from coming true.)
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