Peter Boyle in 'Echoes in the Darkness'
Peter Boyle (1935 - 2006)
Ghost in the Noonday Sun (1973) [Ras Mohammed]: Stabbed in the back when Peter Sellers throws a sword at him on the island; shown in a black & white "silent movie"-style prologue.

Crazy Joe (1974) [Joe]: Presumably killed by rival gangsters. (I haven't seen this movie myself, but the IMDB's description of its "rise and fall of a gangster" premise seems to imply his death.)

Young Frankenstein (1974) [The Monster]: Peter plays Gene Wilder's re-animated creature; I don't know for certain whether he also played the hanged body from whom the creature was made, but I thought I'd list it just in case. (Thanks to Giulia)

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979) [Frank Mazzetti]: Shot by Telly Savalas' thugs; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Angela Cartwright. (Thanks to Liz)

From Here to Eternity (1979) [Fatso Judson]: Presumably killed by Steve Railsback. (I haven't seen this mini-series, but I have seen Ernest Borgnine's death in the same role from the 1953 film.)

Where the Buffalo Roam (1980) [Carl Lazlo, Esq.]: Presumably drowned (off-screen) when he disappears at sea; his disappearance is mentioned in Bill Murray's narration. (Thanks to Alex)

Yellowbeard (1983) [Mr. Moon]: Falls into a pool of acid at the end of a swordfight with Martin Hewitt. (Thanks to Anton and Tommy)

Echoes in the Darkness (1987) [Sgt. Joe Van Nort]: Dies of a heart attack while practicing at the police firing range.

The X-Files: Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose (1995) [Clyde Bruckman]: Commits suicide by suffocating himself with a plastic bag over his head (on top of taking an overdose of pills). (Thanks to Kim)

Sweet Evil (Final Vendetta) (1996) [Jay Glass]: Beaten to death (off-screen) with a baseball bat by Bridgette Wilson in his office; the scene ends just before the impact.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002) [Rowland]: Shot to death by Serge Houde in an elevator. (Thanks to Tommy)
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