Paul Bartel in 'Posse'
Paul Bartel (1938 - 2000)
Brother of
Wendy Bartel
Piranha (1978) [Mr. Dumont]: I believe he was eaten by the piranha, but I can't remember for certain.

Liquid Dreams (1991) [Angel]: Shot in the mouth by Juan Fernandez, as Candice Daly looks on in horror from behind a curtain.

Posse (1993) [Mayor Bigwood]: Shot in the chest by Richard Edson in the jail.

Lewis & Clark & George (1997) [Cop]: Presumably shot to death (off-screen) by Salvator Xuereb after Salvator manages to take Paul's gun; the scene ends with Salvator taking the gun, but the implication of Paul's fate is pretty strong.
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