Patrick Troughton in 'The Viking Queen'
Patrick Troughton (1920 - 1987)
Hamlet (1948) [Player King]: "Dies" in a play-within-the-play scene when another actor pours poison in his ear, while Laurence Olivier watches Basil Sydney's reaction.

King Lear (1948) [Edmund]: Presumably stabbed to death in a swordfight with Robert Harris. (I haven't seen this version myself, but I know the basic storyline of the play.)

Richard III (1955) [Tyrrell]: Stabbed to death during the battle between Laurence Olivier's men and the opposing soldiers.

The Viking Queen (1967) [Tristram]: Stabbed in the shoulder when Andrew Kier throws a knife at him; he dies from a combination of the wound and exhaustion after traveling a great distance to warn his son.

Doctor Who: The War Games (1969) [The Doctor]: Forcibly "regenerated" and transformed into Jon Pertwee by the council of Time Lords. (Not really a "death" scene, but since I've listed the other Doctors' "regeneration" scenes as constituting the "death" of their incarnations, it's only fair to include this one as well.)

The Omen (1976) [Father Brennan]: Impaled when lightning strikes the lightning rod on the roof of a church, causing the rod to fall on him.
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