Patrick Swayze (with Demi Moore) in 'Ghost'
Patrick Swayze (1952 - 2009)
Son of Patsy Swayze
Brother of
Don Swayze
Lisa Niemi
Red Dawn (1984) [Jed]: Shot, along with Charlie Sheen, in a shoot-out with William Smith; Patrick and Charlie both die after making their way to a park bench.

Ghost (1990) [Sam Wheat]: Shot in the chest by Rick Aviles (in a "mugging" which had actually been a murder-for-hire for Tony Goldwyn) while Patrick is out walking with Demi Moore. He appears as a ghost throughout the rest of the movie until he finally moves on to the afterlife at the end. (Thanks to Mac, Megan, Annalisa, Mariano, and GR)

Point Break (1991) [Bodhi]: Commits suicide by drowning himself while surfing a giant wave, after Keanu Reeves lets him go (allowing Patrick to die on his own terms rather than be arrested). (Thanks to Mariano and GR)

Keeping Mum (2005) [Lance]: Bludgeoned to death by Maggie Smith after she finds him in the garden, peeping through Tamsin Egerton's window. His body is shown again later on at the bottom of the pond.

Road House 2: Last Call (2006) [James Dalton]: Patrick does not actually appear in this film, but it's established that his character from the original 1989 Road House was shot to death by Jake Busey between the two films. (Thanks to Mariano)
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