Patric Knowles (1911 - 1995)
Five Came Back (1939) [Judson Ellis]: Shot in the chest when Joseph Calleia's gun goes off during a struggle, when Patric tries to take the gun from him.

How Green Was My Valley (1941) [Ivor Morgan]: Run over by a cart (off-screen) in the coal mine; his body is shown afterwards being brought up on the elevator.

Crazy House (1943) [Mac MacLean]: Machine-gunned (along with Martha O'Driscoll) by Chic Johnson after the curtain goes up in the theatre, in order to put an end to the romantic subplot. (Played for comic effect.)

Chisum (1970) [Henry Tunstall]: Reportedly shot to death by Robert Donner and Gregg Palmer. (I haven't seen this movie myself.) (Thanks to Michael)

Arnold (1973) [Douglas Whitehead]: Crushed to death by a garbage truck after Elsa Lanchester places him in a dumpster (off-screen), after he drinks cognac that had been drugged by Norman Stuart. (We see Patric passing out, followed immediately by the scene of the garbage truck picking him up; we don't learn until later that Elsa put him there.)
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Patric Knowles in 'Five Came Back'
Patric Knowles dead in 'Five Came Back'