Patrick Fugit in 'Dead Birds'
Patrick Fugit (1982 - )
Legion of Fire: Killer Ants! (Marabunta) (1998) [Scott Blount]: Devoured by ants after they pull him into the anthill. (Thanks to Hunter)

Dead Birds (2004) [Sam]: Shot in the chest by a soldier while Patrick and his gang are robbing a bank; he dies (off-screen) of his wound some time later in the farmhouse. His body is shown afterwards when Nicki Aycox discovers that he's dead. He later returns as a transformed/undead creature.

Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006) [Zia]: Commits suicide by slitting his wrists in the bathroom; he appears as a spirit in the afterlife for suicides throughout the rest of the movie. He is brought back to life when Tom Waits sends him back; he wakes up in the hospital, with Shannyn Sossamon in the next bed.
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