Patrick Allen in 'Puppet on a Chain'
Patrick Allen (1927 - 2006)
Mr. Sarah Lawson
Puppet on a Chain (1970) [Inspector Van Gelder]: Falls to his death when the chain he's climbing down is pulled upwards until he reaches the pulley and has to let go.

UFO: Timelash (1971) [Turner]: Machine-gunned by Ed Bishop. (Thanks to Brian)

Persecution (1974) [Robert Masters]: Stabbed to death (off-screen) by Lana Turner, 20 years before the story begins; he only appears in flashbacks, and his skeleton is shown when Ralph Bates uncovers it. (Thanks to Brian)

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (1980) [Ghost of Hamlet's Father]: Poisoned when Patrick Stewart pours poison in his ear, before the story begins; he appears as a ghost to his son (Derek Jacobi) periodically throughout the story.

The Black Adder: The Black Seal (1983) [Phillip of Burgundy a.k.a. The Hawk]: Poisoned, along with the other conspirators, when they drink the wine that Tim McInnerny and Tony Robinson bring to them. (Played for comic effect.)
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