Nigel Planer in 'Eat the Rich'
Nigel Planer (1953 - )
The Young Ones: Sick (1984) [Neil Pye]: Hit on the head with a shovel by Rik Mayall; after being buried in the garden, three new Nigels grow out of the ground. (The whole thing turns out to be Rik's dream sequence.)

Blackadder the Third: Nob and Nobility (1987) [Lord Smedley a.k.a. Madame La Guillotine a.k.a. the Scarlet Pimpernel]: Poisoned when Rowan Atkinson gives him some poisoned wine in the jail cell, haven mistaken Nigel for one of the French captors; he dies after explaining the poison's symptoms, unaware that he's also demonstrating the symptoms as he does so.

Eat the Rich (1987) [DHSS Manager]: Shot in the chest by Lanah Pellay in the unemployment office, after Lanah shoots Miranda Richardson.
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