Nicol Williamson in 'Hamlet' (1969)
Nicol Williamson (1936 - 2011)
Hamlet (1969) [Hamlet]: Slashed on the arm with a poison-tipped sword during a swordfight with Michael Pennington; he lives long enough to avenge himself by killing Anthony Hopkins, then dies while talking to Gordon Jackson.

Of Mice and Men (1970) [Lennie]: Shot in the head by George Segal.

Macbeth (1983) [Macbeth]: Killed in a swordfight with Tony Doyle.

Black Widow (1987) [William Macauley]: Dies of an allergic reaction (off-screen) after Theresa Russell mixes penicillin in his toothpaste. His body is not shown; we learn about his death afterwards when we see Debra Winger arguing about the case with Leo Rossi.

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