Nick Stahl in 'In the Bedroom'
Nick Stahl (1979 - )
Bully (2001) [Bobby Kent]: Drowned by Leo Fitzpatrick and Daniel Franzese, after being stabbed in the back by Michael Pitt and having his throat slashed by Brad Renfro. (Thanks to Gary and Amanda)

In the Bedroom (2001) [Frank Fowler]: Shot in the face (off-camera) by William Mapother; we hear the shot from the other room, and his body is shown afterwards when Marisa Tomei runs in and discovers him. (Thanks to Gary and Neil)

Wasted (2002) [Chris]: Dies of a heroin overdose. (Thanks to Andrew)

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) [John Connor]: Killed (off-screen) by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the future, before Arnold was reprogrammed and sent back into the past. (Thanks to Germboygel and Neil)

Sin City (2005) [Roark Jr., That Yellow Bastard]: Beaten to death by Bruce Willis in a barn, after Bruce rips off Nick's genitals. (In this role, Nick is barely recognizable beneath the heavy, bright yellow make-up.) (Thanks to Gary and Robert)
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