Nick Nolte (1941 - )
Barnaby Jones: Dark Legacy (1974) [Paul Barringer]: Pushed off of a cliff. (I haven't seen this episode, but got the information from an episode guide.)

Winter Kill (1974) [Dave Michaels]: Shot in the back with a shotgun by Charles Tyner while Nick is skiing.

Who'll Stop the Rain (Dog Soldiers) (1978) [Ray Hicks]: Killed by Richard Masur, Anthony Zerbe and Ray Sharkey when Nick confronts them to buy time for Michael Moriarty and Tuesday Weld to escape. (Thanks to Mac)

Q&A (1990) [Captain Michael Brennan]: Shot in the throat by Maurice Schell during a shoot-out in the police station. (Thanks to Ken and ND)

Mother Night (1996) [Howard Campbell]: Commits suicide by hanging himself in his cell. (Thanks to Nilescu)

U Turn (1997) [Jake McKenna]: Hit in the chest with a tomahawk by Sean Penn in his bedroom, after Jennifer Lopez first hits Nick in the back with the tomahawk. His body is shown again the next morning when Sean and Jennifer take him out of the trunk of their car and throw him over a cliff.

Nightwatch (1997) [Inspector Thomas Cray]: Shot in the stomach, then in the neck (as he tries to shield himself with his hand) by Josh Brolin, just as Nick is about to kill Ewan McGregor in the morgue. (See also Ulf Pilgaard in the 1994 original.)

Hulk (2003) [David Banner]: Apparently killed in an explosion when a military helicopter fires a missile at him, while he's overloading by trying to absorb too much power from the Hulk during a fight in a lake. (At this point, Nick has transformed into a giant liquid being due to his taking on the properties of the lake.) (Due to his superhuman powers, it's ambiguous as to whether he's actually dead or not.)

The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008) [Mulgarath]: Playing a shape-changing ogre, he is eaten by Hogsqueal (voiced by Seth Rogen) while Nick is in the form of a crow. (Thanks to Mathew and ND)

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Nick Nolte in 'U Turn'