Nick Adams before his off-screen death in 'Wagon Train: The Traitor'
Nick Adams (1931 - 1968)
Mr. Carol Nugent
Father of Allyson Adams and Jeb Stuart Adams
The FBI Story (1959) [John Gilbert 'Jack' Graham]: Executed (off-screen) after being convicted of an airplane bombing; his death is mentioned in James Stewart's narration. (Thanks to Gordon)

Wagon Train: The Traitor (1961) [Sam Upton]: Shot under the chin (off-screen) after Robert Horton ties up Nick with a shotgun placed under his chin; we hear the gun go off after Nick's horse bolts. (Thanks to Stephen)

The Outer Limits: Fun and Games (1964) [Mike Benson]: Falls into a river of sulphur after an alien creature (Bill Hart) stomps on Nick's hands while Nick is holding onto a bridge; he is brought back to life when Bob Johnson returns Nick and Nancy Malone back to the point in time when they were abducted. (Thanks to Stephen)
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