Ned Beatty in 'Silver Streak'
Ned Beatty (1937 - )
White Lightning (McKluskey) (1973) [Sheriff J.C. Connors]: Drowned when his patrol car goes into the river while he's chasing Burt Reynolds. (Thanks to Robert)

Silver Streak (1976) [Bob Sweet]: Shot in the chest by Richard Kiel in the darkness when the train goes through a tunnel; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Gene Wilder.

Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (The Mad Messiah) (1980) [Rep. Leo Ryan]: Shot to death by Michael C. Gwynne. (Thanks to Robert)

The Big Easy (1987) [Jack Kellom]: Shot to death by John Goodman. (Thanks to Robert)

Spy (1989) [Thomas Ludlow]: Shot in the chest by Bruce Greenwood after Ned pulls a gun on him.

Radioland Murders (1994) [General Walt Whalen]: Falls to his death down an elevator shaft.

Life (1999) [Dexter Wilkins]: Dies of a heart attack in the bathroom, before he can sign the pardon for Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy. (Thanks to Adam)

Shooter (2007) [Senator Charles F. Meachum]: Shot in the head by Mark Wahlberg, who makes it look as though Danny Glover killed him. (Thanks to ND)

Rango (2011; animated) [Mayor Tortoise John]: Providing the voice of a tortoise, he is presumably killed (off-screen) by Rattlesnake Jake (voiced by Bill Nighy); we last see Jake dragging the Mayor out into the desert, but Jake's earlier dialogue made his intentions clear. (Thanks to Tommy and ND)

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