Nathan Lane in 'Ironweed'
Nathan Lane (1956 - )
Miami Vice: Buddies (1985) [Monty Price]: Stabbed to death by a woman in self-defense while he tries to rape her. (I haven't seen this episode myself, and I'm not sure which of the episode's guest stars (either Eszter Balint or Karla Tamburrelli) was his victim/killer.) (Thanks to Robert)

Ironweed (1987) [Harold Allen, Streetcar Driver]: Hit in the head with a rock thrown by Frank Whaley during a strike/riot. After this flashback scene, Nathan periodically reappears as a hallucination in the mind of his killer's older self (Jack Nicholson).

Titan AE (2000; animated) [Preed]: Playing an alien, his neck is snapped by Captain Korso (voiced by Bill Pullman), who then throws his body down a flight of stairs. (Thanks to Mathew)
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