Morris Ankrum in 'Three Men from Texas'
Morris Ankrum's death (with Thornton Edwards) in 'Three Men from Texas'
Morris Ankrum (1896 - 1964)
a.k.a. Stephen Morris
Mr. Joan Wheeler
Father of David Ankrum
Three Men from Texas (Ranger Guns West) (1940) [Bruce Morgan]: Strangled by Thornton Edwards, after Morris shoots Thornton first.

Along the Great Divide (The Travelers) (1951) [Ed Roden]: Shot repeatedly by James Anderson. (Thanks to Gordon)

The Man Behind the Gun (1953) [Bram Creegan]: Killed (off-screen) by Roy Roberts' men; we learn of his death afterwards when Randolph Scott digs up the grave supposedly belonging to Roy (who had faked his death) and reports finding Morris' body.

Cattle Queen of Montana (1954) [J.I. 'Pop' Jones]: Trampled to death in a stampede caused by Native American warriors. (Thanks to Gordon)

Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (Invasion of the Flying Saucers) (1956) [Brigadier General John Hanley]: Thrown out of the spaceship by the aliens, after they telepathically drain his mind of information. (Thanks to Stephen)

Drango (1957) [Henry Calder]: Hanged by a lynch mob led by Ronald Howard. (Thanks to Gordon)
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