Miles Fisher (1983 - )
Superhero Movie (2008) [Tom Cruise]: Falls to his death (off-screen) while attempting to fly; we see a video clip of him announcing his ability to fly, followed immediately by a news report of his death. (Played for comic effect.)

Final Destination 5 (2011) [Peter Friedkin]: Impaled with a meat skewer by Nicholas D'Agosto, just as Miles is about to shoot Emma Bell. (Additionally, in Nicholas' earlier vision of the bridge collapse, he is impaled by several pieces of rebar that fall off of a truck.) (Thanks to ND)

"New Romance" (2011) (music video): Hit by a bus, along with Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, at the end of the video. (Played for comic effect.)
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Miles Fisher in 'Final Destination 5'