Miguel Ferrer in 'Traffic'
Miguel Ferrer (1955 - )
Son of
Jose Ferrer and Rosemary Clooney
Brother of Rafael Ferrer
Cousin of
George Clooney
Leilani Sarelle
Mr. Lori Weintraub
Flashpoint (1984) [Roget]: Killed by Kurtwood Smith (though I don't know the details).

RoboCop (1987) [Bob Morton]: Killed in an explosion after Kurtwood Smith leaves a bomb in Miguel's home, after shooting Miguel in the legs. (Thanks to Matt, Andrew, Mary, Michael, Tommy, and ND)

DeepStar Six (1989) [Snyder]: Dies of explosive decompression when he tries to escape the undersea station in a capsule and surfaces too quickly. (Thanks to Matt and ND)

Tales from the Crypt: The Thing from the Grave (1990) [Mitch Bruckner]: Buried alive by the zombie Kyle Secor, after Miguel falls into an open grave during a chase. (Thanks to Andrew and ND)

Another Stakeout (1993) [Tony Castellano]: Shot repeatedly in the chest in a shoot-out with Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez; his body then falls into the swimming pool. (Thanks to Tal and ND)

Royce (1994) [Gribbon]: Killed in an explosion, along with Anthony Stewart Head and his cohorts, after James Belushi fastens a bomb to Miguel's belt while Miguel is hanging from a helicopter. (Thanks to ND)

The Stand (1994) [Lloyd Henreid]: Killed in an explosion (along with everybody else in Las Vegas) when the hand of God detonates the nuclear bomb that Matt Frewer had brought into the city. We see the explosion in the distance as Bill Fagerbakke and Gary Sinise watch from the desert. (Thanks to Matthew)

Tales from the Crypt: In the Groove (1994) [Gary Grover]: Shot to in the chest by his sister (Wendie Malick) after he breaks into her home to kill her. (Thanks to Andrew and ND)

The Night Flier (1997) [Richard Dees]: Shot repeatedly by police after he attacks them with an axe. (Thanks to ND)

Mulan (1998; animated) [Shan-Yu]: Killed in an explosion after Mulan (voiced by Ming-Na) fires a firework rocket at him, knocking him into a tower filled with fireworks. (Thanks to Tommy and ND)

Traffic (2000) [Eduardo Ruiz]: Poisoned when he eats the dinner brought by an assassin posing as a bellhop; he dies shortly afterwards as Don Cheadle tries to save him. (Thanks to ND)

Medium: Being Joey Carmichael (2008) [Joey Carmichael/Teddy Carmichael]: Playing a dual role as twins, "Teddy" is shot to death by Alex Fernandez, some time before the episode begins; "Teddy" only appears in flashbacks. "Joey" survives the episode. (Thanks to ND)

Wrong Turn at Tahoe (2009) [Vincent]: Presumably shot in the back of the head by Cuba Gooding Jr. in Miguel's car; the movie ends with Cuba holding the gun to Miguel's head, but Cuba's dialogue indicates that he intends to shoot.
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