Michel Simon just before his death in 'The Train'
Michel Simon (1895 - 1975)
Tosca (The Story of Tosca) (1941) [Baron Scarpia]: Stabbed to death by Imperio Argentina. (I haven't seen this, but I'm familiar with the storyline of the opera.)

The Head (Die Nackte und der Satan; A Head for the Devil; The Screaming Head) (1959) [Dr. Abel]: Decapitated by Horst Frank, who keeps Michel's head alive with special equipment in the laboratory; he finally dies after Horst sets fire to the laboratory.

The Train (1964) [Papa Boule, the Engineer]: Executed by a firing squad (off-camera) after sabotaging the train; we only hear the shots as Burt Lancaster pleads with Paul Scofield to spare Michel. His body is shown falling to the ground in the background after the shots.
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