Michel Lemoine in 'Castle of the Creeping Flesh'
Michel Lemoine (1922 - 2013)
a.k.a. John Armando, a.k.a. Michel Leblanc
Janine Reynaud
Castle of the Creeping Flesh (Im Schloss der blutigen Begierde; Castle of Bloody Lust; Castle of Unholy Desires) (1968) [Baron Brack]: Stabbed in the stomach by Howard Vernon, after Howard accidentally kills Claudia Butenuth when she runs in front of Michel during Howard's first attempt to stab Michel.

Kiss Me Monster (Kuss mich Monster; Castle of the Doomed) (1969) [Jacques Maurier]: Shot in the stomach by Janine Reynaud when she comes to rescue Rosanna Yanni. (Michel had also previously faked his death by pretending to be stabbed in the back while talking to Janine in a nightclub.)

Two Undercover Angels (Rote Lippen, Sadisterotica; Red Lips; Sadisterotica) (1969) [Morpho]: Shot in the back by Rosanna Yanni as Michel is about to kill Janine Reynaud. (Michel's face was mostly hidden by werewolf-like facial hair for this role.)
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