Michael Shannon (1974 - )
Dead Birds (2004) [Clyde]: Decapitated when Nicki Aycox inadvertantly kicks him in the head while running away, knocking his head off. (Michael had been turned into a "living scarecrow" by the supernatural forces in the cornfield; despite having his torso cut open and stuffed with straw, among other mutilations, he was still alive until his head came off.)

Bug (2006) [Peter Evans]: Commits suicide, along with Ashley Judd, by setting himself on fire after they douse themselves with gasoline. (Thanks to ND and Tommy)

Let's Go to Prison (2006) [Lynard]: Poisoned when he injects himself with a syringe of industrial cleaner, after Will Arnett tricks him into thinking it's a drug. (Thanks to ND)

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (2007) [Dex]: Shot to death by Philip Seymour Hoffman. (Thanks to ND and Nilescu)

Machine Gun Preacher (2011) [Donnie]: Dies of a drug overdose while telephoning Gerard Butler. His body is shown again later on at his funeral. (Thanks to Tim and ND)

Premium Rush (2012) [Bobby Monday]: Shot in the back of the head by Kin Shing Wong. (Thanks to Tommy, Tim, and ND)

Man of Steel (2013) [General Zod]: Neck snapped by Henry Cavill to stop Michael from killing innocent bystanders with his heat vision. (Thanks to Dignan, Tommy, and ND)

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Michael Shannon (with Ashley Judd) in 'Bug'
Michael Shannon and Ashley Judd's death in 'Bug'