Michael Rapaport in 'Kiss of Death' (1995)
Michael Rapaport (1970 - )
Higher Learning (1995) [Remy]: Commits suicide by shooting himself during a confrontation with police in a stairwell.

Kiss of Death (1995) [Ronnie Gannon]: Beaten to death by Nicolas Cage in the office of Michael's garage. We only see a close-up of Nicolas during the beating; Michael's body is shown afterwards when Nicolas' men wrap him up in garbage bags to get rid of him.

Palmetto (1998) [Donnely]: I vaguely recall that he was killed in this movie, though I can't remember the details.

Deep Blue Sea (1999) [Tom Scoggins]: Eaten by the shark while Thomas Jane looks on helplessly. (Thanks to Tal and Germboygel)

The 6th Day (2000) [Hank Morgan]: Shot to death (off-screen) when the bad guys attack his helicopter to get Tony Goldwyn. He is replaced by a clone (though we aren't initially aware of the switch), and the clone is shot to death in the crossfire of a shoot-out between Arnold Schwarzenegger and the bad guys. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Comic Book Villains (2002) [Norman Link]: Shot to death (off-camera) by Natasha Lyonne, to spare him from being burned to death after his foot gets pinned by the broken counter as Donal Logue's comic book shop is burning down. We hear the shots from outside the store. (Thanks to Curtis)

America Brown (2004) [Daniel Brown]: Dies of a heart attack. (Thanks to Aaron)
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