Michael Findlay (Julian Marsh) in 'A Thousand Pleasures'
Michael Findlay (1938 - 1977)
a.k.a. Julian Marsh, a.k.a. too many pseudonyms to list
Roberta Findlay
Take Me Naked (Take Me) (1966) [Twisted Mental Hunchback]: Stabbed to death by Kevin Sullivan after Michael attempts to seduce Kevin.

The Touch of Her Flesh (The Touch of Her; Way Out Love) (1967) [Richard Jennings]: Shot in the stomach with a crossbow by Angelique. (The character was brought back without explanation in the 1968 sequel The Curse of Her Flesh, but it seems clear that this was originally intended as a death scene.)

The Kiss of Her Flesh (1968) [Richard Jennings]: Stabbed in the back when Earl Hindman throws Michael's own machete at him as Michael is climbing a tower; he then falls to the ground.

A Thousand Pleasures (1968) [Richard Davis]: Suffocated when Donna Stone sticks her breast in his mouth while pinching his nose shut.
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