Michael Blodgett in 'Night Gallery: The Dead Man'
Michael Blodgett (1940 - 2007)
Ex-Mr. Meredith Baxter
40 Guns to Apache Pass (1967) [Mike Malone]: Dragged to death after the Apache warriors tie him behind a horse and send it off running. (Thanks to Brian)

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (Hollywood Vixens) (1970) [Lance Rocke]: Decapitated with a sword by John Lazar while Michael is tied up on the floor.

Night Gallery: The Dead Man (1970) [John Fearing]: Dies when Carl Betz hypnotizes him into taking on the physical characteristics of death, then is unable to bring him out of the trance. He later comes back to life (despite being decomposed) when Louise Sorel gives the signal by pounding on his tomb.

There Was a Crooked Man... (1970) [Coy Cavendish]: Shot repeatedly by guards after he opens the prison gates and runs out.
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