Michael Biehn in 'The Terminator'
Michael Biehn (1956 - )
The Fan (1981) [Douglas Breen]: Stabbed to death by Lauren Bacall.

The Terminator (1984) [Kyle Reese]: Killed in an explosion after he sticks a bomb into Arnold Schwarzenegger's robot body in an empty factory; his body is shown again afterwards being placed in a body bag.

The Abyss (1989) [Lt. Hiram Coffey]: Crushed to death when his vessel sinks into the abyss and is crushed by the water pressure. (Thanks to PortsGuy and Matt)

Alien3 (1992) [Corporal Dwayne Hicks]: Michael does not actually appear in this movie, but it's revealed that his character from Aliens was killed when something hit their spaceship while he was in suspended animation.

A Taste for Killing (1992) [Bo Landry]: Shot by Brandon Smith while Michael is trying to kill Henry Thomas; his body then falls from a crane into the ocean. (Thanks to Jake)

Tombstone (1993) [Johnny Ringo]: Shot in the head by Val Kilmer during a duel. (Thanks to Matt)

Jade (1995) [Bob Hargrove]: Shot to death by Chazz Palminteri while Michael is trying to kill David Caruso. (Thanks to Matt)

Mojave Moon (1996) [Boyd]: Killed in a car crash when Danny Aiello forces Michael to drive his tow truck off of a cliff. (Thanks to Jake)

The Rock (1996) [Commander Anderson]: Shot to death by Tony Todd during a shoot-out with Ed Harris' men. (Thanks to Gary and Matt)

The Art of War (2000) [Robert Bly]: Accidentally stabbed in the neck when he falls on a shard of glass during a fight with Wesley Snipes. (Thanks to Gary and Matt)

Chain of Command (2000) [Craig Thornton]: Killed by Patrick Muldoon. (Thanks to Gary)

Cherry Falls (2000) [Sheriff Brent Marken]: Hit in the chest with an axe by his son (Jay Mohr). (Thanks to PortsGuy, Gary, Matt, and Germboygel)

The Legend of Butch & Sundance (2004) [Mike Cassidy]: Shot to death by Blake Gibbons after Blake is revealed as a Pinkerton agent. (Thanks to Jake)

Dragon Heat (Mang lung) (2005) [Petros Angelo]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Interpol agents. (Thanks to Jake)

Grindhouse (Planet Terror) (2007) [Sheriff Hague]: Accidentally shot in the neck (off-screen) by Tom Savini during a battle with the mutants; he dies some time later while sitting next to his brother (Jeff Fahey). (Thanks to Eric, Andrew, and ND)

Stiletto (2008) [Lee]: Impaled through the head with a spike by Stana Katic. (Thanks to Jake)

Bereavement (2010) [Jonathan Miller]: Shot in the stomach with a shotgun by Brett Rickaby outside Brett's farmhouse. His body is shown again later on after Brett takes it back to Michael's home, when Kathryn Meisle discovers him. (Thanks to Jake)

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