Maximilian Schell in 'The Odessa File'
Maximilian Schell (1930 - )
Son of Margarete Schell Noe
Brother of
Maria, Carl, and Immy Schell
Natalya Andrejchenko
The Young Lions (1958) [Captain Hardenberg]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by stabbing himself with a bayonet, while in a military hospital after being injured in a land-mine explosion. We learn of his death when May Britt informs Marlon Brando.

Hamlet (Hamlet, Prinz von Danemark) (1961) [Hamlet]: Slashed with a poisoned blade during a swordfight with Dieter Kirchlechner; he dies shortly after killing Hans Caninenberg in turn.

The Deadly Affair (1966) [Dieter Frey]: Hit by a boat after being knocked into the water at the end of a fight with James Mason.

The Odessa File (1974) [Eduard Roschmann]: Shot in the chest by Jon Voight when Maximilian shoots at Jon, after Jon first shoots Maximilian in the arm. (Thanks to Tony)

The Phantom of the Opera (1983) [Sandor Korvin, the Phantom of the Opera]: Killed, though I don't know the details of this version. (Thanks to Tony)

Stalin (1992) [Vladimir Ilyich Lenin]: Dies (off-screen) of a stroke; his body is shown afterwards in his coffin during his funeral. (Thanks to Matt)

Deep Impact (1998) [Jason Lerner]: Drowned, along with his daughter (Tea Leoni), when the comet strikes and causes a tidal wave while they're standing on the beach. We only see a distant shot of the massive wave as it hits.

John Carpenter's Vampires (1998) [Cardinal Alba]: Shot to death from a rooftop by Tim Guinee, after Maximilian betrays the vampire hunters and joins forces with Thomas Ian Griffith.

The Brothers Bloom (2008) [Diamond Dog]: Although the actual movie does not reveal his fate, the US DVD includes a deleted scene in which Adrien Brody realizes that Maximilian had been shot to death (off-screen) by Russian gangsters who had taken over Maximilian's operation.
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